Emergency Relief Fund

Emergency Relief Fund

This webpage outlines the framework for an emergency relief fund operated by Trinity Church Adelaide.

Name of Fund

Trinity Church Adelaide Emergency Relief Fund

Purpose of the Fund

To provide financial support to assist with one-off immediate essentials (e.g. food, power, water, medical, counselling) for those within Trinity Church Adelaide who are known to require emergency financial assistance.

How can I apply?

If you’d like to apply, please email adelaide@trinity.church with a short summary of what you need and why you need it. We’ll then be in touch shortly. Your request will be kept confidential.

How can I donate to this fund?

The Emergency Relief Fund relies on generous donations to be able to fund requests. If you would like to donate, please deposit it in this bank account:

Account Name: Friends of Trinity Trust – City
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 065 000
Account Number: 11741120
Please include the reference text: Emergency Relief Fund

Who makes the assessment of need?

At a minimum, three people all of whom are dealing at arm’s length with the situation. That is, not related to or close friends of the recipient(s).

The three people should be in Leadership positions of the Church. (e.g. Pastoral Staff, Leadership Team, Pastoral Care Team, Home Group Leaders).

Confidentiality and discretion should be maintained wherever possible.

What needs to be recorded?

A short note outlining the recipient, amount and the rationale is to be written by the three people making the decision. A copy should be provided to finance@trinity.network along with required payment details. A receipt will be issued as a record for of the distribution.

In what form should the monies be provided?

Three options are available depending on the circumstance:

  • For food, gift cards will be provided.
  • For bills, direct payment will be made.
  • For other expenses EFT may be appropriate.

Cash will not be provided.

In each circumstance the Trinity Network accountant will process the transaction. Where possible a tax invoice is to be provided. An acknowledgement and receipt will be provided as proof of payment.

All correspondence should be via finance@trinity.network to ensure immediate actioning.


The fund will be tracked under the ‘Pastoral Care’ expense line within the financial reporting process. As it is an expense line donations to the fund will appear as a negative value while payments will appear as a positive.