Welcome and congratulations on your engagement! We wish you both every joy and happiness as you prepare and enter into marriage.

We believe God instituted marriage for His purposes and for our good. It is a great gift of God to men and women and we hope that you will come to experience how good it can be.

Our desire is to be as helpful as possible and to ensure your wedding day is both meaningful and happy. What follows are the answers to the commonly asked questions regarding marriage at Trinity Church Adelaide.

Can anyone get married at Trinity Church Adelaide?

Yes, but please be aware that we only run a Christian wedding ceremony, that is between a man and a woman and in accord with what the Bible directs concerning marriage. And unless you are part of the Trinity community, we are unable to marry any persons that were in a previous marriage.

Can I use my own marriage service?

We are an Anglican Church and use the Marriage service from An Australian Prayer Book (1978). Minor variations are possible but only in consultation with the Minister from Trinity Church Adelaide conducting the marriage.

What days of the week could I have my wedding at Trinity Church Adelaide?

We conduct weddings on Saturdays only. We limit the number of weddings we conduct on any given Saturday to two so as to ensure all involved have ample time to enjoy the occasion.

Can we use our own Minister?

The minister must be an Anglican minister and non-Trinity ministers can only be involved at the discretion of whichever of our ministers is conducting the ceremony (possibly leading prayers or doing a bible reading). If you have another Anglican minister from a non-Trinity Network church you have to get our approval before he can do the marriage.

What should we do if we want to be married at Trinity Church Adelaide?

  1. Contact our office ( or 08 8213 7300) to arrange a preliminary booking
  2. Consider joining and attending one of our gatherings
  3. Our office will arrange for you to meet with a Minister for a Pre-Marriage Consultation (and to book the wedding date)
  4. Expect to meet with that Minister on at least three occasions to prepare wedding documents, talk through the wedding ceremony, discuss the Christian faith in relation to marriage, and rehearse before the big day.
  5. Attend a Marriage Preparation Course
  6. Pay the deposit to confirm your wedding date
  7. Expect to hold a wedding rehearsal the Thursday evening prior to the wedding day in the church building
  8. Get married!

What costs are involved?

At present, our standard cost for a wedding is $800. There is a special rate for those who attend Trinity Church Adelaide on a regular basis.

This includes:

  • Marriage Preparation Course
  • two interviews with a minister to prepare your wedding service
  • the service (as outlined below)

The service itself includes:

  • limited flowers in the church
  • organist
  • celebrant
  • site manager
  • preparation of legal documentation
  • car park for 75 cars adjoining the church property for use by wedding guests and the bridal party during the Service.

Additional Charges:

If you wish to have live music (ie. singers, musicians) during your wedding this requires someone from our Sound Team to be present to operate our sound desk. This will incur an additional fee of $150.00.

Should you wish to serve light refreshments on site after your wedding you will need to pay a facilities fee. The cost of this is $200.00* and includes the use of one of our halls and the tables and chairs stored in there. Please note: no alcohol is allowed on the Trinity Church Adelaide site.

We want you to be well prepared for marriage (not just your wedding day) and so we will give you a rebate of $100 on completion of the Marriage Preparation Course.

* Please note a discounted fee is applicable to those who have been regular members of the Trinity community for the last 12 months or more.

How much notice do we need to give?

We require at least three months’ notice for an intended wedding before we will book the ceremony. Bookings of course are subject to Trinity Church Adelaide being available.

For more details or to make an enquiry about a specific date please contact our office on (08) 8213 7300.