School Of Ministry: Theology

School Of Ministry: Theology

What is School of Ministry?

School of Ministry aims to grow you in your knowledge and application of the Bible for life and ministry.

It is designed for people who want to grow in their personal knowledge of God’s Word, and want the flexibility of choosing the type of assessment and study mode they take. It is an excellent introduction to theology and gets you into the Word of God helpfully and usefully.

You will be completing a short correspondence course in a given subject area which is run in group settings over a series of weeks or fortnights. Completion of six (core) subjects means you achieve a Preliminary Certificate of Theology from Moore College.

Please email if you’re interested in doing School of Ministry: Theology.

What is required of me?

One of the great things about School of Ministry is that it offers you a fair amount of flexibility.

There are different formats in which the group time is run (e.g. 10 consecutive weeks or fortnights), but attending the group is not a necessary requirement of the course.

There is guided reading, no essays and an optional exam.

It is the sort of course that gives back what you put in – so for example if you give it 3-5 hours a week in addition to the face to face time (which would be at the top end of the time required), you will benefit greatly, yet less time invested will still be useful.

Generally the cost is $50 per subject.

The cost includes: Notes, Exams, Online access and Tuition.


Enrolment is not currently open.

You can start with any subject, no prerequisites exist.

Pay by credit card when you get to the first class.

For long-term planning!

It may be helpful to see the plan for what is to come in School of Ministry.

Planned School of Ministry Subjects

Year Bible Book Biblical Theology Doctrine/history
2019 Ephesians Creation to New Creation Early Church History
2020 Latter Prophets
Pauline Letters
Promise to Fulfilment
2021 Gospel of Mark Creation to New Creation  Person of Christ

You can start with any subject, no prerequisites exist. If concerned, the Biblical Theology subjects are a good place to start, and the Doctrine subjects can be more difficult.