Young Adults Summer Series

Summer in the Psalms If you’re a young adult attending or checking out Trinity Church Adelaide, this is for you! This January we’ll be meeting off-site for a few weeks enjoying the good weather, making new friends, and getting into a few Psalms together to start our year off well! Come along, meet some people you haven’t met before, and dig into…

Tales Of The Unexpected

We’re exploring Tales of the Unexpected in our summer series from Sunday 29 December to Sunday 26 January. Come along and hear some of Jesus’ stories that turn the world on its head! We meet at 9am, 10:30am, 5pm and 7pm every Sunday, and everyone’s welcome. We’d love to meet you!

City Bible Forum: Life@Work Conference 2020

The strength of vulnerability in the workplace “Our society is based on the masks that we wear” (Australian author, John Marsden) The workplace can be a dog eat dog world. Any hint of weakness or vulnerability is quickly sniffed out. So while we all carry burdens and troubles, workplace culture demands that we wear a mask and cover it up. Yet at the same time our culture…