Equip Mini 2019
  • 146 Kensington Road, Marryatville

  • Grace Kensington

Equip Mini 2019

Equip aims to train and equip Christians from South Australian churches and Christian organisations of any denomination for ministry and mission.

Open to all, but eagerly supported by the evangelical network across South Australia, providing a greater breadth and depth of training than any one church could produce by itself.

Equip is a ministry of EFAC SA which aims to maintain and promote a strong Biblical witness through Churches in SA to advance the cause of the gospel.

There are minimum and maximum numbers for each subject so pre-registration is necessary! Registrations close Monday 24 June. Morning tea is provided. Cost is $5.

There are four great topics to be equipped in:

  • Sharing the changeless gospel in a changing world (9am–12:30pm)
  • Answering tough questions (9am–12:30pm)
  • Using Christmas and Easter to proclaim the gospel in public displays (9am–10:30am)
  • Leading Bible studies (11am–12:30pm)

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