If I Could Ask God One Thing

If I Could Ask God One Thing

If you could ask God one thing, what would it be?

This summer, we’re taking five of people’s most common questions for God and seeing what the Bible says. So if you’ve got questions for God, come along! And if you know someone who does, invite them too. Everyone’s welcome, and no question is off limits. We look forward to seeing you.

“Why do you allow suffering?” – December 27
“How can anyone be sure there’s life after death?” – January 3
“Hasn’t science disproved you?” – January 10
“How can I trust the Bible? Isn’t it just made up?” – January 17
“Why are you so hung up on sex?” – January 24

Trinity Church Adelaide
88 North Terrace, Adelaide
Dec 27 & Jan 3: 9am, 10:30am & 6pm
Jan 10, 17 & 24: 9am, 10:30am, 5pm & 7pm
Trinity Church Adelaide invitation PDF
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Temple Christian College
2 Henley Beach Road, Mile End
Dec 27, Jan 3, Jan 10, Jan 17 & Jan 24: 10am
Temple Christian College invitation PDF
Temple Christian College invitation JPG



什么是圣经? – 12月27日
如何认识真神? – 1月3日
何为“三位一体”真神? – 1月10日
为何有苦难? – 1月17日
末日什么时候临到? – 1月24日

88 North Terrace, Adelaide
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