Jesus Works

Jesus Works

Jesus Works runs over four weeks, for an hour each week. The aim is to give a brief overview of Jesus’ life and his significance, and provides an opportunity for you to ask questions. If you’ve ever wondered ‘Why does Jesus matter?’ then Jesus Works is for you.

Jesus Works is free, relaxed, and doesn’t require any background church experience or knowledge. It’s a great way to clarify the things you already know about Jesus, as well as to find out what you don’t know about him.

Jesus Works runs regularly at Trinity Church Adelaide. Multiple options are available for times and dates.

To register your interest or ask any questions, please email

Jack’s Story

Jack grew up with no faith in God and he was skeptical about Christianity, but he decided to investigate it for himself to be sure of what he believed. Watch this video to hear Jack’s story.

‘When I was in high school I’d met some Christians, but I always thought that maybe they were only Christians because their parents believed it, and Christianity is probably something that people grow out of, and I assume if I look at it there’ll be some pretty big and hard-to-deal-with holes …

‘When I started going along to these Bible studies at university I found out the guy I was meeting with had become a Christian as an adult, and this wasn’t something that had entered my mind as possible before—that people would become convinced of Christianity.

‘It was totally new in my experience, and so I was going in with a somewhat open mind, but at the same time I was definitely skeptical and I was looking for holes in it.’