Onsite Church

Onsite Church

Watch our back to church walk-through video

We’re looking forward to meeting onsite again on Sundays! Gatherings will start back onsite in a staggered way, with smaller gatherings coming back first, then larger ones. Since there will be lots of logistical issues in meeting back onsite – contact tracing, social distancing, cleaning between gatherings, how best to do hospitality and children’s ministry, etc. – this will let us ‘get good’ at each stage before moving on to the next one.


Subject to any change in the COVID situation, our gatherings will come back onsite on the following dates:

Sunday 19 July
Mandarin gathering

Sunday 26 July
5pm & 7pm gatherings

Sunday 2 August
9am gathering

Sunday 9 August
10:30am gathering


Online church will continue throughout this period, and beyond, to ensure that all of us can return at the pace we feel comfortable.

We’ll email members of each gathering before they meet with detailed instructions about how to come back onsite and what church will look like on the day. If you’re not on our email list, please email adelaide@trinity.church to request these instructions.

On Sunday 2 August the newcomers watch party we’ve been holding onsite will stop and newcomers will be directed towards either a morning or an evening gathering.

Given how big our 10:30am gathering is, if social distancing is still in place by Sunday 9 August we won’t be able to fit everyone in at once. As such, people at 10:30am will attend in fortnightly ‘shifts’, with Group 1 attending one week and Group 2 the next, etc. To ensure roughly even numbers each week, both for the gathering and Prime Time, we will prearrange these groups.

To start with, church will look quite different to how it did before COVID. It will still be largely the online content, just streamed in an onsite gathering. However, over time more ‘live’ elements will be reintroduced, until eventually we’re back to normal. This is because we can’t make both full online and live gatherings at once – we’ll be exhausted! So, as we introduce more live elements to the onsite gatherings, we’ll also make the online gatherings increasingly stripped-back.


If you’re planning on coming to one of our on-site gatherings, great! This video has some information you’ll need to know before you come. The dates each gathering are coming back onsite are listed above.