Ken Noakes

Ken Noakes

Despite often travelling to India to teach Bible subjects to pastors and leaders, Ken does not like Indian food! The most unusual place he’s visited on his overseas trips is Jaipur—with its colourful and chaotic streets—but if he could spend a week anywhere in the world, he’d like to be in London.

Ken is passionate about the gospel and his wife, Naomi, and their four kids. When time allows, he enjoys watching legal or political dramas and reading theological books or action adventure novels.

He came to faith, kicking and screaming, at the age of 20 when he and first understood what Jesus did for him. A marketing, management and training background preceded Ken’s theological study to equip him for his real passion: caring for and discipling people by showing them how the Bible is a real book, for real people, which addresses people’s greatest needs, helps them live faithful lives, and promises an eternal future.

Ken has pastoral oversight of our 9am and 5pm gatherings as well as preaching and teaching responsibilities.

7pm Gathering Pastor
Simon Marshman
Senior Pastor & 9am Gathering Pastor
Des Smith