Simon Marshman

Simon Marshman

Hiking through alpine forests, paddling majestic rivers, cycling dusty mountain trails—all in the company of his wife Peta with their two children and good friends—that’d be a dream week of refreshment for Simon. Not surprising for a bloke who spent three years as a GP in Victoria’s mountain country; a wonderful (but busy) change after two years doctoring at Lyell McEwin Hospital.

Helping people to grow in their love of Jesus became more compelling than medical practice, so Simon went to Ridley College in Melbourne to study theology and prepare for his current role at Trinity Church Adelaide.

He’s forever thankful that his parents taught him the gospel and modelled a faithful response to it such that he can’t remember a time when he didn’t know that God created him and loves him. Simon is also astounded at God’s patience and kindness towards him, as God has continued to confront him with his sinfulness and teach him of his great need for God’s grace.

Simon is blown away by God’s kindness in not only calling us his children, but working in us by his Spirit, through his Word, to grow us in the likeness of his Son. As such, Simon is stoked to be serving as Maturity Pastor, prayerfully aiming to help us all grow in the likeness of Christ.

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