Les’ Story

Meeting his father in prison when he was only three years old, and growing up in a domestically violent household, Les’ childhood was tough. Little did he know that God would use his life to make a difference for those who experienced similar hardships. Watch this video to hear Les’ story.

Stories Of Faith: Spring 2022

Ellie, Mia, Varun, Cody and Joseph have all come to believe in God and receive His forgiveness for their sins. What did they think of the Bible at first? How did they feel about their need for salvation? What difference has Jesus made in their lives? Watch this video to hear their stories.

Ian’s Story

Ian was only one year old when his dad became a Christian. His dad spent many hours studying the Bible, and he was convinced that he had an important role as a parent to raise his children up in the Gospel. As a result, Ian came to understand the simple truths of the Gospel and made a commitment to Jesus at five years of age. Watch this video to hear Ian’s story.

Loretta’s Story

On the day of her husband’s funeral, Loretta suffered a stroke. For months she experienced great pain and difficulty, unable to care for herself, but she was never anxious or depressed. Her suffering brought her close to God as she experienced His great kindness and care. Watch this video to hear Loretta’s story.

Jack’s Story

Jack grew up with no faith in God and he was skeptical about Christianity, but he decided to investigate it for himself to be sure of what he believed. He went into it with a somewhat open mind, but at the same time he was skeptical and he was looking for holes in the Christian faith. Watch this video to hear Jack’s story.