#2 Vision Sunday: Maturing Disciples


    Maria Sinclair

    Thank You Senior Pastor Des
    For such a wonderful message. I thought I was lost going to church because I’m shy. But by the grace of God I can believe and live and prosper in the Holy Spirit of love in Jesus and be welcomed as planned by God to belong in the body of Christ. Its selfish to be shy I need to live well and give a little
    Bless You Pastor Des
    Maria S

      Des Smith

      Dear Maria,

      Thanks for getting in touch, and I’m so glad God was able to help you so much that Sunday through the gospel. It’s not necessarily selfish to be shy. However, if shyness is stopping you from both making friends and being a friend, then I’ll be praying that God ease your shyness so you can become better connected at church.

      It’s great having you at church, and good on you for stepping out and responding to God’s word in this way!

      God bless,


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