#5 Facebook Live Q&A

#5 Facebook Live Q&A

Here are the questions we answered during the Facebook Live Q&A. You can skip to the times listed below if you want to watch or listen to specific answers.

Why did Jesus have to die in order for us to be saved? Couldn’t God have saved us by some other means?
Video: 7:30 | Audio: 2:16

The sermon about heaven and hell from Matthew 25:31-46—are we being judged on how we treat other Christians only?
Video: 16:10 | Audio: 10:56

Is God an evil entity? I should judge God to be morally bankrupt by virtue of the moral intuitions he gave to me as he constantly decides to torture good people (and even bad people).
Video: 20:45 | Audio: 15:31

Surely there are more than two options—heaven or hell?
Video: 32:35 | Audio: 27:21

What are the implications of the transfiguration for us: head, heart and hands?
Video: 33:50 | Audio: 28:36

How can we be sure Jesus rose from the dead?
Video: 39:11 | Audio: 33:57

How can we be sure that the Bible is true in what it says about Jesus? If we can be sure then why aren’t more people saved?
Video: 50:54 | Audio: 45:40

Is death on the cross and resurrection of Christ the only way for our salvation?
Video: 56:06 | Audio: 50:52

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