#5 Five Things Jesus Never Said: Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner



    February 01st 2018
    Dear Minister Smith,
    I visited your church during the Christmas time, now listen to your sermons through internet, and love them.
    For I have few problems. One preacher who has a back ground of the old Germany strength to teach many things incorrectly; for example, he thinks that Satan will oppose his works. It is okay that I just use one of the donkey’s voice in Number 22, verse 28, saying, “ What have I done to you to make you beat me … three times” to show that the Lord could oppose him too. But he speaks very fast and already gave many sermons, and only he, himself, could corrects all what he have taught to people.
    And there is another powerful preacher, though in a humble heart he holds on to the passages of the Bible; for example on the passage in the book of Genesis about Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. But he has many experiences that often make him teach his own teachings in his introductions before he goes into the Bible. I am not sure that God wants to bless the single parents like to show love to the mother and son of Hagar and Ishmael or not, but I know that God doesn’t establish his salvation through Ishmael, instead His promise through Isaac, because He said to Abraham, “Your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac, I will establish my covenant with him . . .” (as written in Genesis 17: 19). This way of teachings already reaches deeply in Australia even not as much as in United States, but with God’s help we can correct that direction.
    So I am please to hear you say of Roman that God’s wrath on those who oppress the truth enough to correct the wrong saying.
    May the Lord Jesus bless you.

      Des Smith

      Dear David,

      Thanks for visiting us at Trinity City over Christmas and continuing to listen to our sermons since then. We’re glad you’re finding them helpful.

      Are these preachers you mentioning you’re having troubles with people you’re listening to online, or are they at your church? If online, I’d advise you to stop listening to them. If at church, I’d advise you to go and speak to them about your concerns.

      Thanks again for your email and all the best in your ministry,

      God bless,

      Des Smith

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