Term 1, Week 3: Shouting From The Rooftops

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    Maria Sinclair

    I love these teaching indeed. But I feel there is separation between the sinners and the saint a little too much in the ending of this message. it says in Titus 2:11 ‘For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people’. We must see the dangers of severity of separation from the sinner and the saints. All teachings must be gospel based and supported by discussion and love of the Lord Jesus. Because of urgency to not avoid the warnings of what the devil schemes against the chosen believers are. Sinners are being led by the spirit of the world.. We were all sinners until we believed in the abundance of love of grace from our saviour Jesus. god is a loving father who loves all people in all opportunities in discussions and sharing ones own testimony and teaching like from our blessed Holy Trinity Network..
    I confess I too was led astray and sadly attended luke warm teachings from a small Christian fellowship who met in a school and gained a great deal of moinies to purchase a luxury home for the Pastor and are no longer a place of meeting. Today I prefer bible based teachings from a church that fear God and have the backup of the churches rules and documented guiding ways.
    thank you so much for these teachings Terrace Studies I am enlightened indeed. And seek to continue to share these wonderful Holy Trinity Church sermons on social media’s global Christian pages aimed at supporting women around the world .I make this promise to HTC for the future to spread the gospel of my lord and saviour by sharing these sermons. Blessing to one and all. Maria

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