CMS: Annual Online Dinner 2024 “Tell A Better Story”

CMS: Annual Online Dinner 2024 “Tell A Better Story”

Register now for the free Annual Online Dinner and join us as we connect with our CMS SANT Gospel Workers serving around the world. Our speaker, David Williams, will open God’s word to help us consider the power of story to reach across cultures and into hearts to bring the message of salvation.

David Williams is the Director of Training and Development for CMS, based at St Andrew’s Hall in Melbourne. He and his wife, Rachel, served in Kenya, where David was principal of a theological college that trained men and women for mission and evangelism. The were also involved in ministries in Kibera slum, one of the largest informal settlements in sub-Saharan Africa.

Whether you’re watching from South Australia, the Northern Territory, or beyond – we encourage you to embrace strength in numbers. Join in with your Bible study group or with a group of friends in your own home. Share a meal together and share in God’s heart for a world that knows Jesus.


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