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We exist not just for Christians but for anyone who wants to investigate the claims of Jesus—the person at the very heart of Christianity. God made us, to live with Him forever, yet things are not right between us and God. But, out of His love for us, God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place. Christ died for sins, once for all, the righteous for the…


Trinity Church Adelaide is Adelaide’s first church. It’s old and beautiful—just like our message of hope! This church and the hundreds of people who meet in it each week are part of a living history—a group of people who know that faith in Jesus is as relevant today as it was when the state of South Australia was first settled. We exist not just for Christians…


Beliefs ‘What do we believe?’ is an important question – the answer indicates the reasons why we do what we do at Trinity Church Adelaide. Our beliefs are revealed in the Bible. They are summarised in the 39 Articles of Religion, and worked out in the principles and theology of the Book of Common Prayer. Given this foundation, we believe that: the Bible is the clearest…


We have a godly and gifted team serving, caring and providing leadership for the Trinity Church Adelaide community. The staff team are set aside to teach, pastor and encourage members of our community to enable us all to grow effectively in God’s grace to serve for His glory.


DOWNLOAD ‘GIVING AT TRINITY’ BOOKLET Giving Trinity Church Adelaide is committed to the ministry of the gospel in Adelaide and beyond. As a city church we have unique opportunities to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry of Trinity Church Adelaide is supported almost entirely by its members. If you are giving generously or are planning to do so,…


Trinity Church Adelaide has a concern to partner with and support like-minded gospel organisations locally, nationally and globally. We are pleased to support the following ministry partners: Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students Universities in Australia are full of students who are poised to make life-changing decisions about what they believe and where they are…


Ministry Apprenticeship Program Trinity Church Adelaide is part of an interdenominational network of churches and ministries across Adelaide who are committed to raising up the next generation of vocational ministry leaders under the umbrella of MAP (the Ministry Apprenticeship Program), and in partnership nationally with MTS (the Ministry Training Strategy,…


From South Australia’s founding church to largest Anglican congregation in the state, and a site where thousands have been baptised, married or committed for burial, Trinity Church Adelaide has been closely linked to the history of this state. The Revd Charles Howard, first Colonial Chaplain, travelled to South Australia on HMS Buffalo and commenced duties as first…


If you would like to get baptised at Trinity Church Adelaide please email adelaide@trinity.church or call 8213 7300.


For information about weddings at Trinity Church Adelaide, please email adelaide@trinity.church or call 8213 7300. For information about marriage preparation courses and marriage enrichment tools, please go to the Trinity Marriages page. At Trinity Church Adelaide we affirm the biblical view of marriage as being between one man and one woman.


If you need information about funerals at Trinity Church Adelaide please email adelaide@trinity.church or call 8213 7300.

Emergency Relief Fund

This webpage outlines the framework for an emergency relief fund operated by Trinity Church Adelaide. Name of Fund Trinity Church Adelaide Emergency Relief Fund Purpose of the Fund To provide financial support to assist with one-off immediate essentials (e.g. food, power, water, medical, counselling) for those within Trinity Church Adelaide who are known to require…