Alongside our staff team, each of our gatherings are served by a lay leadership team of godly and gifted men and women who lead various ministries across our church. Please do speak to any of them with feedback, concerns or encouragements!

9am Leadership Team

  • David Jolly
  • David Morgan
  • Denis Rodrigues
  • Robyn Sweatman
  • Roger Harris
  • Susan Harris
  • Val O’Connell

10:30am Leadership Team

  • Diana James
  • Elycia Lee
  • Julie Morrow
  • Samuel Cheong

6pm Leadership Team

  • Rachel Dewing
  • Will Edwardes
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Verity Kingsmill
  • Glen Martin
  • Josephine To

Mandarin Gathering Leadership Team

  • Di Zeng
  • Jennifer Xie
  • Cheng Chen
  • Tony Shen
  • David Tian