Alongside our staff team, each of our gatherings are served by a lay leadership team of godly and gifted men and women. They can be contacted at leadership.adelaide@trinity.church with feedback, concerns or encouragements!

Trinity City Leadership Team

  • Andrew Jackson
  • Verity Kingsmill
  • Denis Rodrigues
  • Robyn Sweatman
  • Di Zeng

AM Leadership Team

  • Rob Buttrose
  • Elaine Harrington
  • Susan Harris
  • Elycia Lee
  • Denis Rodrigues

PM Leadership Team

  • Rachel Dewing
  • Will Edwardes
  • Glen Martin
  • Josephine To
  • Sylvia Toelken

Mandarin Gathering Leadership Team

  • Di Zeng
  • Jennifer Xie
  • Cheng Chen
  • David Tian
  • Yiwen Huang