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We’re back onsite for our Sunday gatherings! You’re welcome to join us in person (9am, 10:30am, 5pm & 7pm) or through our church online video streams (10:30am & 5pm ACST). Connect to church online Click here to access church online Download sermon outlines Sermon outlines 聚会单张 Watch past church online services Past services 过去的在线聚会


Welcome to our Trinity Kids resource page! Things have certainly changed with the advent of coronavirus, but isn’t it wonderful to know that our great God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Moving church online obviously means we can’t run our usual Prime Time kids program, but it doesn’t reduce our passion to see children coming to and growing in faith in Jesus…


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Bible Studies

Worship In Every Direction (Magnification) Heading For Home (1 Peter) Gospel Giving Ordinary Advice For Extraordinary Times (Proverbs) The Doctrine Of The Resurrection The Revolution Of Man (Luke) Chosen: The Doctrine Of Election Genesis: Origins – Part 2 (Genesis) Money Under God Better (Hebrews) Discipleship