Base Camp 2019
  • Angas Valley Road, Walker Flat

  • Ankara Youth Camp

Base Camp 2019


Who? Years 7-12, friends are welcome.

What? We will be diving into Revelation with Dave MacGillivray (a high school chaplain and previous youth worker). We will also have discussion groups, singing, a ‘dreams’ themed costume parade, activities and much more!

When? 5pm Friday 15th March (bring dinner or eat beforehand) to 4pm Sunday 17th March. Drop off and pick up will be from the Trinity Church Adelaide carpark.

Where? Ankara, Walker Flat. Transport is via chartered bus.

Cost? $130 per camper [includes all accommodation, food, activities and a camp shirt]. If money is a problem, speak to Tim Blagg.

Bring? Clothes, bathers, toiletries, towel, pillow, sheets/sleeping bag, Bible, pens, money for bookstall and a ‘dreams/inception’ themed costume.

About Base Camp

Base Camp is a ministry of Trinity Church Adelaide, Modbury and Golden Grove and is under the supervision of Tim Blagg and Dave Harrington.

The camp is staffed by Fusion and FiX leaders.

The ratio of campers to leaders is approximately 5:1.

For more information, contact Tim on 0488 195 992 or


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