Bible Society: The Good Book Talks
  • 88 North Terrace, Adelaide

  • Trinity City

Bible Society: The Good Book Talks

Unknown, unloved and unbelieved.

The Book that shaped the Western world is now on the back shelf. Is that the way it should be? Does the Bible offer anything valuable for today’s issues?
These TED-style talks argue for the ongoing value of the Bible in areasof truth-telling, ethics and culture.

SIMON SMART: Are we better off without Christianity?
Many in Western society believe that the world would be better off without religion – including Christianity. The church is increasingly regarded as a burden some and poisonous influence on society. Simon will analyse the“mixed bag” of Christian history and practice, realistically evaluating both its dark and beautiful chapters to show the enormous shaping influence of Christianity on the world and the way it has laid the foundation of much of what we value most.

RICHARD SHUMACK: What is true Islam, and who is my Muslim neighbour?
What do our Muslim friends, colleagues, and neighbours believe? The media sends us very mixed messages about this. Some say that Islam is inherently violent; others that it is peaceful.  Which is true? This session explains the basic beliefs of Muslims and why you shouldn’t be scared of your Muslim neighbour, and why it is super-easy to talk to Muslim friends about Jesus.

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