Engage Work Faith: ReFrame Rest
  • 181 Goodwood Road, Millswood

  • Tabor College

Engage Work Faith: ReFrame Rest

The Art of Renewal in a frantic world

Q: “How are you?” A: “Busy!”

Being busy seems to justify the space we take up on this earth. Why do we feel guilty about resting? Could this be a denial of our human limitations?

ReFrame ’21 unpacked a biblical take on work. ReFrame ’22 explores what the Bible says about rest … and it is substantial! Jesus never said, “Come to me all who are weary and I will give you MORE WORK”. There are genuine risks in not resting that can impact our productivity, diminish work quality along with our health and spiritual wellbeing. The Bible’s how and why of REAL rest and how it differs from current culture’s understanding will be unpacked. Choose from a range of highly practical electives by people who have striven to rest.

Take a morning to study the ART of resting to set up your work year.

Cost: $65 (or $45 concession – includes workers in first two years)
Register by Tuesday 3 May

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