Engage Work Faith: The Clash of Civilisations
  • 142-160 Flinders Street, Adelaide

  • The Jade

Engage Work Faith: The Clash of Civilisations

The current crisis in Ukraine may be half a world away, but is it more relevant to us than it might first appear? More than just a foreign war, the Russia-Ukraine war represents a clash of ideals that underpin the way humankind sees itself. While this isn’t the first war of its kind, it comes at a time when modern civilisation finds itself searching for answers amidst uncertainty and volatility.

How important is freedom in the utopian project of human flourishing? Where do we source our ideals as communities and countries? Would we fight for them if they were threatened? You’re invited to join Engage Work Faith’s panel of experts and bring your concerns to a provoking discussion that seeks to make sense of the big issues by tackling the big questions.

Tickets: $25 per ticket. Minimum of two tickets purchased.

Nibbles provided on arrival and drinks available for purchase.

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