Engage Work Faith: The Work of RESToring, with Dr Jonathan Andrews
  • Level 3 Suite
    47 South Terrace,
    Adelaide SA 5000

  • Master Builders Association of SA

Engage Work Faith: The Work of RESToring, with Dr Jonathan Andrews

How many time-saving devices do you own?

Yet we can still all feel time-poor; often exhausted, and, at times, close to burning out. We may be designed to work, but we are wired to rest. Sometimes our bodies are resting but our minds just won’t stop buzzing with what we should or could be doing. How do we wind down enough to find actual rest? 

With the help of Clinical Psychologist Dr Jonathan Andrews and a panel of experts, we’ll unpack this topic in a practical way. Carving out a couple of hours to consider how you can find rest for yourself could be game-changing for your downtime. Rest assured, you’ll leave this event with a renewed approach to the importance of rest and some tips on how to achieve it. 

Perhaps it will also provoke curiosity in how Jesus speaks to the universal humanity of mind, body and soul.

“Engage Work Faith is a Trinity Network Partner organisation. This event is intended to engage the wider community, with a particular focus on helping workers from all walks of life engage with matters of faith in the public space. For further information, visit their website:  https://engageworkfaith.org.au/upcoming-events/

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