Equip: Speaking Over The Headlines
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Equip: Speaking Over The Headlines

We live in a society that wants transparency and openness—in other words truth! But when this truth becomes personal and impacts individual lives we ignore it or reject it. Christians are called to live truth. How can a Christian speak God’s truth to a world that doesn’t know if it likes truth?!

Equip is pleased to present William Taylor and the topic ‘Speaking over the Headlines’.

William Taylor is lead pastor of St Helen’s Bishopsgate, a large evangelical church in central London, and also a significant leader within English evangelical circles. He grew up on a farm in Cornwell, and served in the British Army as an Officer in the Royal Green Jackets for five years before being ordained. In 1995 he joined St Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate, in the heart of the City of London, and become Rector in 1998. The ministry at St Helen’s has for many years had a focus on reaching the business community; there are also vibrant Sunday Congregations reaching amongst others, students, young workers, families and internationals. William is married to Janet, and they have three children—Emily, Digby and Archie. He is the author of several books; Understanding the Times, Partnership, The Word One to One and Revolutionary Sex. He was a contributor on the Proclamation Bible. He is also editor of the Read Mark Learn series: John and Romans.

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