Hospitable Singleness
  • 88 North Terrace, Adelaide

  • Trinity Church Adelaide (CB Howard Hall)

Hospitable Singleness

Hospitality isn’t just a Christian cliché.  It’s part of the very essence of being Christ’s people in this world.  But how can those of us who are single practice hospitality?  You are invited to join a Group Watch of this special Single Minded event, in the CB Howard Hall, as we consider how being single opens up exciting, unique and unexpected opportunities to faithfully welcome others as we have been welcomed in Christ.

Single Minded is a ministry that equips, encourages, and teaches about a Christ glorifying vision of singleness.  They are a ministry for both singles and marrieds. They are not a matchmaking ministry, they are not an activist or lobbying ministry, and they do not provide pastoral counselling services.

Mark the date in your diary and register with Michelle Schultz here, so an appropriate ticket can be purchased.  

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