Love Adelaide: Walk For Life 2022
  • Sir Edwin Smith Ave, North Adelaide

  • Pennington Gardens

Love Adelaide: Walk For Life 2022

The Walk for Life is an annual event that gathers citizens of South Australia together to express their support for the proposition that all people, regardless of background, gender, sexuality or age should be able to live a free and full life through all stages of their lives. This includes protection from harm at all times and having access to the necessary services to achieve these aims.

Participants in the Walk for Life support the right of women to have safe pregnancies, the right of children to have the healthcare they require to begin life in as healthy a way as possible and the right of people to safe access to health care in their final stages of life and full access to palliative care services as required.

Love Adelaide and participants in the Walk for Life walk in support of these services and the critical importance of good care at all stages of life so that everyone can live a full, free and happy life.

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