Sex Education in a Sexualised World
  • 88 North Terrace, Adelaide

  • Trinity Church Adelaide

Sex Education in a Sexualised World

Join us as Dr. Patricia Weerakoon unpacks how as parents, grandparents, youth workers, and carers, we must be aware of the social milieu of our children’s lives and be in a trusting relationship with them if we want them to grow as whole sexually healthy human beings capable of making informed Biblical decisions about life. Ignorance is no longer an option. We are their primary sex educators.

Patricia Weerakoon will look at recent research on the adolescent brain and social media and consider how you as both as an individual and a member of the church family could help young people understand and counter common myths of identity, sexuality and gender with a Christ focussed Biblical narrative of a truly wholesome life.

Time: 7:30pm -9:00pm (includes supper)

Venue: Trinity Church Adelaide (88 North Terrace, Adelaide)

Cost: $10 per person

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