Exodus: God’s Treasured Possession

Exodus: God’s Treasured Possession

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This is our 8-week series on Exodus: “God’s Treasured Possession”. It will be this year’s feature sermon series from the Old Testament, as we take a deep dive into this key part of God’s Word.

We’ll see God’s plan to bless all the nations of the world take a particular shape as He rescues His people from 400+ years of slavery in Egypt, brings a new nation into existence, and showcases His ongoing faithfulness to His promises. We’ll meet Moses and Pharaoh, witness the Plagues and the parting of the Red Sea, the giving of the 10 Commandments and finish with the horror of the Golden Calf – all of which will testify to God’s unmerited favour and grace to a nation that was far from deserving.

And so Exodus will form the pattern for God’s future and ongoing intervention in His world, which culminates in Jesus.


The New KingGenesis 12:1-3 & Exodus 1:1-2:10Outline
The CommissioningExodus 2:11-4:18Outline
The ConfrontationExodus 4:19-23 & 5:1-21 & 7:8-13Outline
The PassoverExodus 11:1-8 & 12:1-13 & 12:29-42 & 13:1-16Outline
The Red SeaExodus 13:17-14:31Outline
The DesertExodus 15:22-16:12 & 17:1-13Outline
The 10 CommandmentsExodus 19:1-8 & 20:1-21Outline
The Golden CalfExodus 32:1-35 & 33:12-34:7Outline

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