My Work, God’s Plan

My Work, God’s Plan

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On average people spend one third of their life-time sleeping and one third at work. Not voluntarily, many of us might add.

We often can’t wait for each working day to finish, for our holidays to arrive, and many of us have been dreaming of retirement since our twenties! For others, work is their happy place where they change the world and live their dreams.

But what is the point of spending so much time at work when life is so short? Why do we work? Should we work? What is the Bible’s view on work?


#1 Made To Work
Genesis 1:27-2:15
#2 Working For The Lord
Ephesians 6:5-9
#3 Doing The Lord’s Work
1 Corinthians 15:1-2; 50-58

Recommended books

Revolutionary Work, William Taylor

Every Good Endeavour, Tim Keller

Gospel-Centred Work, Tim Chester

Joined-up Life, Andrew Cameron

Recommended resources

Engage Work Faith is an Adelaide ministry for workers. They run great events, help Christians connect with other workers to encourage each other in prayer, and provide a host of great resources.

City Bible Forum is a national organisation with a great set of resources for both Christians and your non-Christian colleagues (Third Space).

The Centre for Public Christianity is a media organisation with a host of excellent resources on topics related to work, besides a lot else.

Ridley Centre for Leadership has recently launched a blog with some stimulating reading on leadership from a Christian perspective.