The Revolution Of Man

The Revolution Of Man

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What are some of the great road trips in the world? Route 66, which winds all the way from L.A. to Chicago? The winding road around Italy’s Amalfi Coast? Australia’s own Great Ocean Road? There are some great road trips in the world.

We rejoin Luke’s gospel just as Jesus is about to go on a road trip: the journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. Up until now, Jesus has been working and travelling in the north of Israel, in Galilee, teaching about the kingdom of God and driving out demons and healing. But now, in a turning point in the Gospel, Jesus turns his face to Jerusalem in the south and resolutely starts travelling there.

Why? Not to go on a holiday like in other road trips: this will be no Route 66. Rather, Jesus goes to Jerusalem because he is on a mission: to save humanity from its sins. Each week Bible studies will be posted to complement our Sunday sermon series. You’ll also find other resources including video summaries for leaders to prepare with. Join us as we walk the road with Jesus – learning more of who he is and what it means to follow as his disciple.


2020 – Luke 1:1-9:51

#1 Is Jesus Fake News?Luke 1
#2 Great ExpectationsLuke 2
#3 Hope For HumanityLuke 3:1-4:13
#4 Freedom For AllIsaiah 61:1-6 & Luke 4:14-44
#5 Disciples & Anti-DisciplesLuke 5:1-6:16
#6 Costly DiscipleshipLuke 6:17-49
#7 Who Jesus Is: TrustworthyLuke 7:1-10 & 7:36-50
#8 What Jesus Has: PowerLuke 8:22-56
#9 The King Must DieLuke 9:1-51

2021 – Luke 9:51-19:44

#10 On Mission For JesusLuke 9:51-10:24

Recommended books

Mikey Lynch, ‘The Good Life In The Last Days’

CS Lewis, ‘Mere Christianity’

Mike McKinley, ‘Luke 1-12 For You’

Mike McKinley, ‘Luke 12-24 For You’