Until He Returns (1 Thessalonians)

Until He Returns (1 Thessalonians)

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Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians is built around the vital theme of “how ought we live in the time between Christ’s first and second comings?”

For that reason I’ve called the series “Until He Returns“, and my hope and prayer is that everyone in our church family will be encouraged to stand firm as we look forward to the exaltation of God’s Son, our eldest brother Jesus.

Geoff Lin, Senior Pastor


#1 A faith known everywhere7 May 2023Outline
#2 Not without results…14 May 2023Outline
#3 Standing firm in the Lord21 May 2023Outline
#4 How to live in order to please God28 May 2023Outline
#5 When dying = sleeping4 June 2023Outline
#6 God’s will for you in Christ Jesus11 June 2023Outline

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