A Firm Foundation Course
  • 88 North Terrace, Adelaide

  • Trinity Church Adelaide

A Firm Foundation Course

This enrichment course is aimed at Christian couples who want to strengthen their marriage as they follow Christ together. We recommend you’ve been married at least two years before you do this course.

Over a consecutive Friday night and all day Saturday, the course focuses on:

  • revisiting the Christian foundations of marriage;
  • encouraging healthy communication and conflict resolution skills;
  • growing in affection and intimacy; and
  • looking forward to the future together.

The course is structured around input from presenters, and time for spouses to talk to each other. There is no group sharing or group exercises, all discussion is with your spouse only. The course also includes an individual couple assessment using relationship tool Prepare-Enrich with personalised feedback for your marriage.

The course runs once per year, it is scheduled for June 14 & 15, 2024. The Friday night is 7:30pm-9pm, and Saturday is 9:30am-4pm, at Trinity Church Adelaide. Numbers are limited for each course. The weekend is hosted by Geoff and Wendy, Trinity Marriages Coordinators.

Some feedback from other couples:

  • “Well structured course, thoughtful and well-researched content. Lots of time for couples to talk.”
  • “Great way to take time out to deliberately discuss our marriage and discover ways it can be strengthened.”
  • “The Prepare-Enrich results really assisted in knowing what areas we needed to address/what we need to talk about. I was sceptical that it would help, but it did!”

Cost is $125 per couple, including all materials, relationship assessment and catering. Perhaps make the weekend an extra treat and book a night in a city hotel as well.

Please make arrangements for the babysitting of any children to avoid distraction.

Please email marriages.adelaide@trinity.church to register your place, or ask any questions.

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