Boon Yong Sim

Boon Yong Sim

Designing a Sound Blaster Card was Boon Yong’s first task as a young electronic engineer at Creative Technology Ltd in Singapore, before he moved to Sydney and then to London.

Along the way he’s skied (rather adventurously) in Austria, honeymooned with Lydia in the Canadian Rockies, studied in Sydney, worked in London, and has visited Neuschwanstein Castle—and knows how to spell it!

Boon Yong brought his family from Singapore to Adelaide in 2017 and now is working to help people (especially Mandarin speakers) discover the good news about Jesus. He’s passionate about helping people to enjoy reading the Bible for themselves so that they can learn about God’s promises in Christ.

Time out at the beach with his wife, son and daughter is his favourite leisure activity, and—landlord permitting—he’d love to keep chickens (for the eggs), and two dogs for his children. (He still hankers for Singapore-style satay bee hoon or fried kueh tiaw.)

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令人难忘的经历莫过于在奥地利刺激惊险的滑雪,与新婚妻子Lydia在加拿大落基山脉共度蜜月,在悉尼求学,在伦敦工作,以及造访德国新天鹅堡 (到现在依然会拼写Neuschwanstein Castle)。

在2017年,文荣携全家从新加坡搬到阿德莱德。身为牧师的他,自此便在我们教会中帮助会众们 (特别是华人) 来探求有关耶稣的福音。他乐意帮助引导人们自己来阅读圣经,从而让他们通过圣经的话语来学习上帝藉着基督所赐下的应许。

闲暇时,他最喜欢的休闲活动便是和太太及一儿一女去海边消磨时光。他还喜欢在家养鸡 (其实主要是为了鸡蛋~~),还养了两只小狗给孩子们作伴。虽然身在澳洲,但他最难忘的还是新加坡的沙爹米粉和炒粿条。


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