James Hou

James Hou

James Hou (pronounced ‘hoe’) is from Nanjing, China. He had previously worked in computer coding, project management, exporting business, and company analysis for security investment.

Like most people in China, James was an atheist—was taught that there is no God. But his fascination with Western culture led to a relentless search for truth and the meaning of life. He investigated science, explored Buddhism and Taoism, ‘spied’ at the Mormon headquarter in Salt Lake City, and attended Christmas events at a church in Nanjing. After moving to Adelaide, James spent lots of time digging into the Bible, and he could feel God’s power leading him along the way. Now, as a Christian and ministry worker, his passion is to introduce Jesus to people (especially not-yet-Christians from China). And all this has led him to serve and learn as a Ministry Apprentice being coached by Mandarin Pastor, Boon Yong Sim, and then to go further by serving as a Student Minister while studying a Master of Divinity at Bible College SA to get better equipped for pastoral services, aiming to primarily serve Mandarin speakers.

James lives with his wife Nicole and their little boy Daniel. He enjoys basketball and tennis, but the dream of becoming another Michael Jordan or Roger Federer is already history.

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