James Hou

James Hou

James Hou (pronounced ‘hoe’) is from Nanjing, China, where his parents and in-laws still live. He emerged from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with a degree in Computational Mathematics and Applied Software, then furthered his education by completing a Financial Advisor of Security Investment course after immigrating to Australia.

James has previously worked in computer coding, project management, export sales and company analysis. So why in 2020 did he become a Ministry Apprentice?

Like most people in China, James was an atheist—taught that there is no God. But his fascination with Western culture led to a relentless search for truth and for the meaning of life. He investigated science, explored Buddhism and Taoism, ‘spied’ at the Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City, and attended Christmas parties at a church in Nanjing. After moving to Adelaide, James spent lots of time digging into the Bible, and he could feel God’s power leading him along the way. Now, as a Christian, his passion is to introduce people to Jesus (especially non-Christians from China).

As a Ministry Apprentice, James is involved in almost every aspect of Trinity Church Adelaide’s Mandarin gathering, assisting our Mandarin Pastor, Boon Yong Sim.

James lives with his wife and young baby son, and enjoys basketball and tennis (his favourite players are Michael Jordan and Roger Federer), watching movies and reading books.

James Hou (侯伟立) 来自中国南京。从南京航空航天大学计算数学及其应用软件专业本科毕业后,他移民来到澳大利亚,并继续在这里完成了证券投资财务顾问的学位。




James目前与妻子Nicole Ma (马可) 和刚会走路的儿子Daniel一同住在阿德莱德市郊。他喜欢篮球和网球,最喜爱的运动员是Michael Jordan和Roger Federer (算过时吗~~),喜欢看电影和读书。

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