Nick O’Neil

Nick O’Neil

If you notice someone wearing shorts in the middle of winter, it’s probably Nick!

Working in boarding schools, helping people with disabilities, completing Development Studies at UNSW and volunteering with foreign aid organisations have all contributed to Nick’s preparation for working among university students to evangelise and disciple young adults.

Nick, Elissa and their children arrived in Adelaide in 2022 to take up a split role with Trinity Church Adelaide and Evangelical Students. Sometimes he’s at church coordinating Trinity Young Adults Wednesdays and being involved in our 7pm gathering, and sometimes he’s at Adelaide Uni attending talks, Bible studies, events and camps, and meeting with students one-to-one.

Nick grew up in a family who knew and loved Jesus, so he thought his relationship with God was secure because of his Bible knowledge and nice Christian background. But after moving schools and struggling to make friends, he discovered that he was quite arrogant and prone to jealousy. In years 7 and 8, youth group studies on Martin Luther’s conversion and teaching on grace shifted Nick’s thinking. He came to understand that God offered him rescue from sin on the basis of Jesus’ death and resurrection, not because of his knowledge or behaviour. Now, he and Elissa long for people all around the world to know Jesus. They want everyone to have access to the gospel and faithful Bible teaching.

What does Nick do for relaxation? He enjoys watching surfing movies, reading books (including the Harry Potter series in Spanish!), and watching Nordic crime drama with Elissa. He also loves surfing, snorkelling, swimming or anything in the ocean, and heading into the hills for coffee and a bush walk with the kids.

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