Michelle Schultz

Michelle Schultz

South Australian born and bred – of Adelaide Hills market gardening heritage – Michelle came to faith in Jesus as a child. Through some times of grief and loss in her teens and twenties, she has consistently grown in her love of God, who has proven time and time again that he holds her tight, hears our prayers, and has compassion on his children. It is Jesus’ love that compels her to love people of all ages, and motivates her heart to care for those in need.

Several years working as a secretary for the Australian Medical Association, followed by a career as an administration professional with Corporate Health Group, has given Michelle a broad and valuable skill set. So, why is she studying a theology degree at Bible College SA? Because she’s passionate about Jesus, and people, and bringing the two together!

Michelle has attended Trinity Church Adelaide since 2005, and in 2021, was appointed as a Membership Pastor. Her role is to help us love and care for each other as members of the body of Christ. That involves coordinating our Belong course for newcomers, overseeing Sunday evening welcoming teams, hospitality and community-building events, and supporting the Trinity Young Adults Tuesday ministry.

That keeps her very busy, so how does she relax when at home? She likes to sit in the sunshine in her reading chair, drinking coffee, with her Bible and mobile phone in easy reach.

Michelle also loves: visiting the dentist (!); Vietnamese and Thai food (especially if shared with others); using her bench-top pizza oven; and escaping Adelaide’s mid-winter each year by spending time in the top end of the Northern Territory (ask her about crocodiles!).

If you would like to contact Michelle please email adelaide@trinity.church

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