Michael Morrow

Michael Morrow

Michael heads up our Sunday teams, as they lead us in declaring God’s praises on Sundays. Their desire is to make so much of Jesus every time we meet that people’s hearts and minds are changed, until they cannot help but live their whole lives to love, serve and honour him.

Michael was brought up in a Christian household, but it was not until Michael was at university that the good news about Jesus really hit home. That led to a lot of changes in who he really lived for and who he really trusted—something which profoundly motivates his creative song writing. His study background includes a Bachelor of Classical Music, a Certificate in Sound Engineering, and a Bachelor of Divinity. He also worked as a sound engineer in television for two years, and was the Music Director at Dundonald Church in London for seven years.

Michael lives with his wife Julie, and four daughters. In his spare time he enjoys running, swimming, baking sourdough bread, pottering about the house fixing things, and reading.

If you would like to contact Michael please email adelaide@trinity.church

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