Tony Shen

Tony Shen

Tony was born in Shanghai, China. He has worked in the IT industry for 6 years then came to Australia in 2010 and married his wife (Wen) in Adelaide. Family members include Finlay (son), Ivy (daughter) and Maxy (a very docile ginger cat!).

Tony grew up in a Christian family and has been going to the church since he was a child. Although he had read Bible stories and knew God when he was young. It didn’t change too much about his view of life. The church life in Adelaide enables him to explore Jesus more deeply so that to accept Jesus as the Saviour of his life.

As a regular member in the Mandarin gathering. In addition to leading worship, there will be more opportunities during the next 2 years in MAP together with mandarin pastor Boon Yong, to learn how to equip himself better, proclaim and teach God’s word faithfully.

Love traveling, especially self-driving with family. In leisure time Tony likes to ride bikes with kids and plays video games as well.

If you would like to contact Tony please email

Tony出生于中国上海。曾在IT行业工作了6年并于2010年来到澳洲。在阿德莱德结识了妻子Wen, 家庭成员还有儿子Finlay, 女儿 Ivy以及Maxy(一只温顺的猫)!





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