Duncan Ward

Duncan Ward

Duncan describes his role as ‘trying to maintain and improve anything you can see, taste or feel on the church grounds.’ He’s been successfully doing that since 2015.

So, what experience helps him do that? A Civil Engineering degree from Adelaide University was a good start, and construction of multi-story buildings in Singapore, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi all taught him a bit too. Duncan added to his travels by spending eight months riding his motorbike through the back roads of China, Nepal and India, which was an amazing experience in beautiful countryside.

Duncan has always had an awareness of God’s presence and sovereignty, with parents that valued a Sunday school education, but it wasn’t until he met his wife, Julie, that he was challenged to really think about his relationship with God, and to seek to become mature in Christ.

Duncan is passionate about the gospel, and he loves sleep too! He doesn’t have any pets, as such, but he does have 40,000 bees! Where would he like to spend a week of holidays anywhere in the world? Even though they don’t serve his favourite Malaysian food, he reckons a week in Barcelona would be really nice.

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