Michelle Kee

Michelle Kee

Michelle was born in Malaysia but grew up in Singapore. Her family consists of her mother, step-father and step-brother in Singapore.

Growing up, Michelle wants to live in a world where loving others and receiving love from others are easy. Trying to figure that out all by herself through family, friendships, romantic relationships have not provided answers but caused more confusion and disappointments. Thankfully, everything changed when she was led to Christ in 2016. Overwhelmed by Christ’s sacrificial and humbling love for her, she had her eyes open to the real motivation and source of love.

Michelle came to Adelaide in early 2020 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music education. She enjoys teaching mostly because of the regular interactions with children, she loves children! Little did she realise that something else could bring her even more joy: seeing others come to know and mature in Christ.

Michelle is a Ministry Apprentice working with Stephen Urmston to prepare and oversee kids ministries on Sundays, which may sometimes include music or puppets. She is also involved with Evangelical Students (ES), working with Nick O’Neil and focuses on evangelism on campus.

During her free time, she enjoys doing housework (it’s really satisfying!), taking walks, reading, doing puzzles, watching shows, and making cards for friends.

If you would like to contact Michelle please email adelaide@trinity.church

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